Políticas de Privacidade

Travellerspots Privacy policy

1. General Conditions

The website Travellerspots values ??the privacy of its members, pledging to respect it, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of data entered by users.
The Travellerspots contains links to third-party sites but is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, so you should consult these privacy policies carefully before agreeing to any of its terms.
By registering on our site, the user expressly accepts this Privacy Policy.
If Travellerspots change its privacy practices, to reflect regulatory requirements, technological advances, Site updates and changes in our practices for gathering and disseminating information, these new policies will be effective immediately once they are posted on this site.

2. Collection of personal data

This privacy statement has the intention to ensure users safety and privacy of fair and lawful use of the site, and only requested and collected the data necessary to provide the service, according to the indications expressed on the Site. It allowed the user complete freedom to access your data, rectify them or eliminate them completely free.

The Travellerspots web pages and part of the component can be viewed without the need to provide any information. Regarding areas for insertion of advertisements, or other services, will be required to transfer information to ensure access to the same, requiring users to provide their personal data so that they can take advantage of the services available.
Data collection for user identification will be made by completing an online registration form and will occur in accordance with the strictest safety rules.
The user has to register on Travellerspots provide personal data such as name, email address, phone, e-mail, among others, required to subscribe to the services of the site and newsletters.
The data collected are entered into the computer system, where they are treated and processed automatically as approved by the National Commission for Data Protection (NCDP) is designed for data management services provided by Travellerspots as well as other purposes mentioned below.
The Travellerspots warrants to the registered user the possibility, in accordance with Law No. 67/98 of 26 October, access your personal data through your personal page, or request for this purpose by email, and to update them and correction.
The Travellerspots may use third parties to carry out advertising activities and monitor marketing communications.
The Travellerspots utilizes the services of Google Analytics for Display, including the role of remarketing. This service consists of showing ads to users who visit our site. Users may opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and being exposed to the ads Google Display Network clicking these two links: the Ads Preferences Manager and Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
The Travellerspots use remarketing to advertise online, which means that users do not "opt-out" of the Google Display Network through the methods mentioned above, may be exposed to Travellerspots ads on the content network of Google.
Third parties such as Google, may show ads on sites Travellerspots of their content network.
Third parties such as Google, may use cookies (such as cookies Google Analytics and DoubleClick) that serve to optimize ads based on information from previous visits of users on the site Travellerspots.

3. Other Services

Other services that may be introduced later, requiring the introduction of personal data and / or the respective entities are covered by the privacy policy of Travellerspots, explained herein.
After registration in Travellerspots, agree to receive our newsletter, which is part of the service we provide, which may be different according to the destination, in order to optimize the service provided. Users can unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time, although it may take some time for changes to your preferences to take effect.
Occasionally, we may provide games on the Site. These games may allow connectivity to other users or third parties. In this case, consent to the transfer of your personal data.
We also use surveys to gather information about our users. Regularly solicit the opinions of users to evaluate potential features and services. In addition to collect data online and from correspondence, we can also talk to you in person (eg, a meeting of owners) or by phone. The decision to answer a survey is exclusively to you. We use survey information to improve our services.

4. Safety and Quality Information
Our goal is to ensure the quality and integrity of information provided by users of Travellerspots having this sense, the necessary measures have been implemented, both technological and organizational, in order to keep information secure, accurate, current and complete.
To ensure maximum safety, the areas where the Travellerspots are collected users' personal data, the transmission is encrypted.
Despite the security measures taken, it is the user's responsibility to:
protect against unauthorized access to your use of the Site; ensure that no one uses the Site while your computer is logged on to the site (including the connection of your computer through a dial-Mobile, Wi-Fi or shared); logout or exit from Site when not using it, where relevant, maintaining the confidentiality of their password or other access information. Your password and login details are personal and should not be provided to third parties or used to allow shared access, for example, through a network, maintaining proper security of the Internet. Shall maintain all the details of your accounts safe. If you suspect any of your account is at risk, you must change the credentials for your account on our website, and especially make sure that no compromised account provides access to your account on our site. We also must report as soon as possible so we can try to help you keep your account safe and, if necessary, notify all persons who may be affected.
However, if you request to share data with third-party sites (such as Facebook) your server may not be secure.

If you receive an unsolicited email that appears to be from us or one of our members and that requests personal information (such as credit card number, data logins or password), or that asks you to verify or confirm your account or other personal information by clicking on a link, it is likely that e-mail was sent by someone who is trying to obtain, unlawfully, information, sometimes referred to as "phisher" or "spoofer." We do not require this type of information via email. Not provide the information or click the link.

Note that, despite the measures taken by us and third parties engaged by us, the Internet is not secure. As a result, transmissions or private data can still be unlawfully intercepted or accessed by third parties.

5.   Sharing personal information
The personal information collected is used by Travellerspots to enable the delivery of online service to allow communication of intentions renting real estate for issuing proof of payment in the case of services that require such payment and sharing advertisements and business between the site.
There are several circumstances in which you may need to provide us with your personal data. For example, to process an order or a survey carried out, we have access to all or part of the following information: your full name, address, phone number, e-mail, your current location and the If a member list, a method of payment. There are other circumstances in which you may need to provide us with personal data, eg, when you register on the Site or when submitting advertising a property. We also collect information from cookies or "web beacons". The "web beacons" may be used to monitor the traffic patterns of users from one page to another to maximize the flow of web traffic. Our service providers may also use external advertising "web beacons" to recognize you when you visit the Site and to help determine how you found the Site. You can find out how to work in the relevant section of this policy on our website. We also collect IP addresses, identifying details of mobile devices, their location, navigation data and "click-stream", the time to access the Web site, houses visualized, which sought the duration of your visit and other details of its activity on the Site. If you ask us a link to other sites (for example, if we ask a link to your Facebook account) we may also obtain information this way.
In addition to the above, the Travellerspots may provide personal data records associated with the competent entities legally established, where these are requested by these entities as a result of investigations into illegal activities, fraud and / or infringement of industrial property rights or intellectual. The Travellerspots may also authorize the use of such information by other companies and organizations for marketing campaigns.

6. Statistical files
Your session in Travellerspots, may be recorded in order to be analyzed on an aggregated and anonymous to interpret the patterns of use of the Website and improve continuously, service levels and user satisfaction. The data used for this purpose does not contain personally identifiable information or private information.

IP addresses are recorded all calls made ??to Travellerspots. This information will be used to perform statistical analyzes aggregate.
The statistical analyzes of the resulting aggregate may be disclosed to third parties or made ??public.

7. Questions
For additional questions regarding to the privacy policy, please contact the Travellerspots via email: geral@travellerspots.pt.